The eyes of the world on the Venice Champions Trophy, and not only from the pitch’s stands of the Chiggiato Stadium. The tournament which took place in the past week featured a communication staff of almost 40 people ranging from broadcasting staff, production and post-production staff, media and social media specialists, all focused on the goal to boost this events media relevance. The numbers are exciting and proved the already prestigious nature of the competition, the single best tournament in the world for the Under 11 age group. Starting from Italy where the national sports tv, Sportitalia, broadcasted 6 hours of coverage, 5 hours of which were Live broadcast, with a total of 650 thousand spectators in total over the whole tournament. Another much sought after goal was reached as the “Best of the Tournament”video by was seen by almost 600 thousand Facebook users. All the way to Argentina where the River Plate boy’s experience was published by La Pagina Millonaria, San Juan 8 and Diario La Vanguardia.

In Switzerland,Ticino News spoke about the surprising performance of Lugano which came 4th overall in the tournament. Coming back to Italy where spoke in detail about all of the children of famous footballers who were playing in the tournament. As Roma press followed Mattia Almaviva’s experience aswell as all of the team’s social media channels spoke about the participation of their team in Caorle. Juventus and Benfica also used the content produced by the media staff of the tournament as a testimony to their kids experience in the tournament.
A big result came also from the Tournament’s official channels, starting from the website which went close to 85.000 views in constant LIVE update of the results, rankings and content. More than 75.000 views came from the You Tube channel where fans could have access to all of the highlights, interviews and special reports on the player’s adventure.
And finally we come down to the social media profiles of the Venice Champions Trophy: starting from the Facebook page where the growing number of likes is almost reaching 2500. On average every post has reached more than 5.000 views along with 130 reactions. 540.000 were the people who were reached in total, those who came into contact with at least one post that was published, whereas 15.000 are the number of people who saw the page. At last we come to the Instagram profile through which 11.215 users could follow all of the posts of profile through the hashtag #venicechampionstrophy.

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