The Press Conference introducing the Venice Champions Trophy tournament inside the Town Hall of Caorle. Tomorrow the action begins.
It was held at 19:00, in the Hemingway Room of Caorle’s Town Hall, the Press Conference to introduce the 2nd edition of the Venice Champions Trophy. The town’s Sports Councilman, Giuseppe Boatto, along with the Champions Trophy chairman, Leonid Novoselskiy, the president of Coaching Sport, Gabriele Gallicchio and the board member of FC Lugano, tournament’s general partner, Angelo Fassora.
“I would like to personally thank the organization and we are also pleased to host again the Venice Champions Trophy” – Boatto Said – “In december the project for this edition was presented to me, it featured several improvements that would boost it’s already high value and prestige, and what I’ve seen so far is just beautiful. I’ve seen names of teams that are famous world wide, I can read on the media that it’s the best competition for the U11 age group world wide, Caorle has opened it’s doors to make sure that all is being done so that everything goes as planned”
Following, the “man of the house” of the Venice Champions Trophy, Leonid Novoseliskiy stated: “I am delighted to be here again to present the Venice Champions Trophy. Caorle is a wonderful town, many of my friends are here, all are fascinated and complimented me a lot, but without the town’s precious support none of this would be possible”
He then continues: “This is an ambitious project. The team’s are fantastic, the very best in the world even though Germany and Belgium are still missing, but we are working on it. Lugano and Krasnodar are two “smaller”Clubs, but our desire is to show that they also can compete with the world’s best”
Gallicchio then takes the word: “As Coaching Sport, it’s a great honor for us to represent the engine and the organizing core that is behind all of the aspects that allow this beautiful tournament to function and to keep moving forward. We mainly deal in Education and Methodology, the beauty of the Venice Champions Trophy, among other things, is to see how different football cultures approach the development of the player in his youth.” Then another statement on the event’s media coverage (click here): “All of the games will be broadcast in live streaming on the website and on demand on the Youtube channel along with other content. The big news is that Sportitalia will broadcast the games at different times during the three day period of the tournament and also that everyone will be able to interact with the tournament through all social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram through the hashtag #venicechampionstrophy”.

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