The 2017 edition of the Venice Champions Trophy kicks off in style through the streets of Caorle (VE) Town’s center. A parade leading to the stage and fireworks to finish the program dedicated to the teams in the first day of this second edition: and the results have been positive on all sides.
The parade of the young champions livened up the evening in Papa Giovanni Square all the way through to Matteotti Square passing in the main streets of the town that will host the competition. The colors of the flags and the chanting from the kids lead the party and grabbed the attention of the tourists and curious town citizens that followed the parade all the way to the stage. And not only those, since 5000 more people watched the event LIVE on the Official Facebook page.
The teams were then introduced one by one on the stage before all the captains took turns reading the oath of the tournament. The captains then followed through by drawing the teams setting up the group stage that will kick off tomorrow morning at 9am in the beautiful venue of the “Giovanni Chiggiato” stadium which has been set up for the occasion.
The parade finally made it’s way to the sea side, there they could enjoy 15 minutes of Fireworks that lit up the sky and the whole town of Caorle. The Venice Champions Trophy already put on a show for everyone, but from tomorrow onward what will put on a show will be the young players as the Tournament will kick off, surely they will not disappoint us and give a show worth remembering.

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