It’s be Benfica and Atletico Madrid that will play in the Final for 1st and 2nd place in the II Venice Champions Trophy in the Giovanni Chiggiato Stadium in Caorle (VE) that hosted all of the competition.
The Portoguese Eagles make their way into the final for the second year straight, winning the competition has been their declared objective since the first games of the group stage, which they topped with 6 points along with Roma which ended up second. The game against Roma came out to be the turning point of the tournament for the portoguese boys who went off to a slow start against PSG having to overcome a 2 goal deficit to win the game 3-2 and also having lost to Corinthians, the only loss that they took over 40 minutes. The 6 goals made opposed to the 5 against forced them to resort to the head to head result against Roma which gave them the upper hand in the tie for the top of Group A. The music changed for them in quarter finals as they faced Roma again and beat them with a decisive 4-1. The Semi-Final against River Plate turned out to be a very close and physical game, decided by a goal by free-kick specialist Gonçalo. We look forward to tomorrow to see if the boys in red can write, once again, their name as Champions of this competition.
Atlético de Madrid
In it’s very first Game as part of this competition Atletico Madrid doesn’t disappoint, the boys win their debut game and score 7 goals on the way to a crushing win against Manchester United. The second game put up more of a challenge for the boys in red and white as they see their initial 2-0 lead vanish in the final minutes as Ajax make a dramatic comeback, it took a fantastic effort by Ivan “El Nino” Morcillo that in extra time managed to put his team up 3-2. Once the qualification for the next round is secured, the coach opted to let the players who have seen less of the field thus far to play against Krasnodar, the game still ended with a comfortable 2-0 win for Atletico that sends a statement to all the other teams. In the quarter finals they encounter Corinthians, which puts a sturdy opposition, one that can only last one half of play as in the second half Corinthians defence has no answer for the Atletico offensive power which leads them to a final 4-0 win. In the Semi-Final they face the surprise of the tournament so far, Lugano, which gets off to a good start putting Atletico down 2-0 to everyone’s surprise, Atletico would prove too much again though, as they come back and win the game by a large margin of 3 goals setting the final score at 5-2. Atletico’s come back win is again lead by Ivan Morcillo, 7 of Atletico’s total goals of the tournament have been his so far, a contribution that has turned out to be critical and that surely put Atletico on the way to the Big Final. Only Echeverri of River Plate can steal the title of Top Scorer of the competition from him.

See you tomorrow then at 12:00 sharp for the start of the much anticipated Final, LIVE from the Giovanni Chiggiato Stadium of Caorle in live streaming on our official site: at 15:00 the game will be airing on Sportitalia on a deferred broadcast visible on channel 25 of Digitale Terrestre, Channel 225 on Sky.
Before the Grand Finale CLICK HERE for the games that will decide all of the remaining places in the final ranking. At the end of the 1st – 2nd place Final the Awards Ceremony will follow.

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